Typical Questions

Do you offer more floor plans?

We have multiple floor plans of each of our homes, however custom floor plans can be drawn and quoted. You can make an appointment today to draw your dream home.

How long does it take from order date to completion of my home?

Typical time can vary depending on the seasonal factors, but we typically can have your home completed in 4 months or less. Smaller cabins typically will have shorter lead times.

Who is responsible for permits?

Our homes already include a full set of drawings that have been reviewed to ensure code compliance, but the actual acquisition of a building permit and other local building requirement would be the buyers responsibility or the responsibility of your general contractor if required.

How much will a foundation cost?

Foundations, driveways, and sitework are not included in our base price. A crawl space with 3-5 rows of block typically may cost between $6,500-$18,000. A full basement with concrete could be between $18,000 and $32,000. This is an estimated allowance. We encourage you to get multiple estimates on your foundation. We will provide a detailed drawing for your mason that includes size and layout of the foundation. The mason contractor will be responsible to meet local regulations for the foundation. Sill plates are considered part of the foundation and must be installed by the mason (the bolts used shall not stick past the plate more than ½ inch and at least 4.5” in from outside of block foundation). The building will be fastened to the sill plate with Simpson plating.

Can existing floor plans be modified?

Absolutely! Most of our floor plans can be modified for no charge. Common changes would be changing interior walls, flipping a layout, or moving windows or doors. We also offer a large selection of options and upgrades like French doors, decks, dormers, custom counters and more!

What is included in my home package?

This is the number one question we answer on a daily basis. We offer a very complete package. Starting from the outside your home will include log siding with 3 coats of stain and sealer. We also offer maintenance free vinyl siding on our homes at no additional charge. WINCORE vinyl double hung insulated windows, with half screen, 3 color choices, with or without Grids. Two exterior doors in the Valley View and Sunset Ridge packages. One exterior door in the smaller cabins. Insulated exterior walls and ceilings, knotty pine interior with polyurethane finish, Harris Wood engineered hickory flooring, vinyl flooring in the bath. Full electrical system including panel box, breakers, and boxes wired and ready for final tie in by your power company or electrician. (light fixture allowance will be added but fixtures are not installed) Knotty pine kitchen cabinets with clear polyurethane finish, bathroom fixtures, plumbing to final plumbers’ connection. Shipping and construction costs within 60 miles, crane rental, set up costs. All included with the pioneer and Valley View models! A crane fee is added for Frontier or Hunter models placed on a basement.

Why aren’t appliance and light fixtures installed?

We install all of the cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, ceiling fan box and light boxes, etc. We do not install the fans, light fixtures, and appliances such as the range, refrigerator, over the range microwave, or dishwasher. We find that most customers would rather choose the style of these items for themselves. A lighting allowance can be included in your building quote..

Furniture and window treatments?

These are not included in the home package. We encourage you to bring your style and decorate your new home!.

What is included in the electrical package?

A panel box will be factory installed in your home, but you or your general contractor will be responsible to bring power to the panel box. A panel box is installed in the bedroom on the side of the kitchen appliances with a 1 ½ conduit to the outside for main feed. If noted on the plans it can be run to the crawlspace. There is also a smaller conduit run to the crawlspace for any extra electrical feeds.

If set on a basement the panel is temporarily mounted between the floor joists on the gable end by the marriage wall.

In this case Buckhorn Builders will install the panel in the basement and connect all feeds upstairs. No basement wiring is included in the price.


There will be a lighting plan per job to show the switch, lighting locations, and note the ceiling fans..

All outside doors get a light and outlet.

Light switches and outlets are included in the package price. The homeowner may provide their own light fixtures and ceiling fans or we will include a lighting allowance in your home quote. Extra outside outlets are an extra cost of $45 each.

What does my plumber have to do?

All of the plumbing will already be done when your home is set. Your plumber will simply tie into the pex lines and drain lines in the crawl space or basement.

What is the standard heat source?

We can install a through the wall heating and cooling unit or baseboard heating at an additional charge, however many customers put a furnace in their crawlspace or basement. Contact your local HVAC dealer for their recommendation. We also work with Coalway who installs fireplaces, pellet stoves, and wood burners to ad that finishing touch to your cabin! The Sunset Ridge cabin comes priced with electric baseboard heat throughout the home. This can be credited if another heating source is selected.

What are my options for interior walls?

We offer our standard knotty pine with clear polyurethane. Wayne’s coating 3′ high with a chair rail. (Farm House) wainscoting 3′ then horizontal 1×8 pine painted white, a solid white wall, stained walls, or white washed walls. We can also leave a small area exposed if you wish to do a small area of drywall.

Are roof gutters included?

We recommend gutters and downspouts but we do not install them. We can have this done for you within the 60-mile radius with our subcontractor or you can have a local contractor of your choice do the work for you.

Can Buckhorn Builders be the general contractor?

Most bank construction loans require a general contractor to provide oversite to all the contractors and disperse money from the construction loan. Buckhorn Builders can act as the general contractor for projects located within the 60-mile radius of our Millersburg office.

Are steps to the front porch included in the pricing?

It is difficult to determine the number of steps that will be needed until the final grade. The cost of 4 front steps is $450 and includes the rustic rail. This price is included in the Valley view and Sunset Ridge base price.

What are final utility tie ins?

Well and septic hookup (or city taps) and electric at the meter base.